Spy Plant

A personal project as part of the assignment done while doing my masters in Bournemouth University. Its a project where we’re task to create a short VFX clip. As I was an CG Generalist before and have character animation and rigging experience, I thought I want to do something related to it and pit on my strength while also doing RBD simulation to learn something different to what I used to do. The animation and rigging process is also different as I was doing it all in Houdini. The thing that is amazing about Houdini is the its procedural process way of doing things. And the idea I had here was to create a CG flower that has identical rigging process on each petal. So I wanted to create each petal on a rig and change one of them whenever I see the need to and for that fix to reflect on each other similar petal. That’s exactly what Houdini has given me in terms of the speed to change things while I was animating and rigging it. Whenever I felt that the petal didn’t look or the joints are in the wrong place on each petal, I could easily change one and have that reflect over the entire rig.

The animation itself was relatively simple and done to simulate a robotic flower pushing through the ground. The camera lens in the centre of the flower was animated like how a camera would zoom and adjust focus. After the aimation was final, I simulated the ground on a few layers so I get a difference in sizes of the cracks.

The lighting and rendering were pretty straightforward too and I got a pretty decent render out of Mantra.

While working this, I did make afew mistake while I were re-do if I were to do this again. The bit rate at which I rendered it out wasn’t right and thus I didn’t have too much range in my CG plant.

The footage was shot on lock camera so I tried to recreate the camera move alittle with a 3D push in and creating alittle depth as well by modeling the projected geo to have some “dip” at the back of the footage.



3D projection, CG comp, Compositing, Portfolio, UV projection texturing, Visual Effects